From your source books and records we will prepare your annual accounts that will form the basis of your tax return, whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company.

They will also be invaluable for providing information about your business to financial institutions for example for mortgage applications. We will endeavour to advise you on ways to strengthen your record keeping that will assist you in meeting your statutory obligations and managing your affairs.
We recommend that our clients pay as much tax as they are legally obliged to pay, and no more!

The tax legislation contains many allowances and relief’s that will help you to minimise your tax liabilities. This is so whether the tax arises on earnings, profits of trade or gains when you sell chargeable assets.
Inland Revenue staff are not able to advise you on how to organise your affairs to minimise the amount of tax you pay.


Mark Roadley is our head payroll manager and he takes an enormous amount of pride in his work. The payroll section in Accountability has over the years built up an amazing reputation for itself and especially of late with the local councils in our area which is explained in more detail in the Direct Payment Scheme.

We offer payroll services for many different kind of business of many different sizes. We cater for businesses with only one employee all the way to large companies with over a thousand employee’s.

We can provide many different service options from monthly, four-weekly, 2-weekly and weekly options as well as casual options.
Please give us a call regarding prices and any other questions you may have with the service we can provide for you.

Direct Payment Scheme

As well as providing a normal payroll service we at Accountability are here to give you a helping hand with clients running a Direct Payment/ILF scheme.

We have a fully catered scheme in place to help Direct Payment/ILF users carry out there obligatory payroll services.

We run in tandem with the local councils to provide an easy, stress free and simple system to process your wages. Currently we offer two schemes:

Payroll only scheme

Simply send in a timesheet either quartly or weekly and we will work out your employee’s pay and tax liability.

We are also here to provide any relevant tax advice and completely take care of any forms and information needed by the Inland Revenue on your behalf.
Due to our many years of experience dealing with Direct Payment cases, we are able to help advise you on many aspects of dealing with your payroll.

Managed account scheme

We are now proud to offer a brand new Direct Payment service to help make your life more stress free. We are now able to completely manage a Direct Payment account on your behalf.

Briefly, we will set up a bank account in your name which you will receive the direct payment funding and then when your employee’s require paying, we will transfer the money straight into there bank account on your behalf.

We believe our service will make many people’s lives a lot easier due to us taking care of all admin and auditing requirements.

To help make your life easier just give us a call to discuss your individual needs.

Oil and gas industry accounts

More information to follow soon.


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